Well, week 6 of Lockdown, 7 Maybe? Anyone else losing track of time and forgetting what day of the week it is like me?

It’s a strange time indeed for all of us, and in all fairness, the week seems to fly by Monday to Friday, but for me personally, once the laptop is off, that’s when the minutes start to feel like hours.

But… all we can do is adapt and try to do as many things we love to keep us sane – Long walks to get some fresh air with the dogs, daily home/garden workouts, facetime family, friends, and my other half and… COOKING!

How are you all keeping yourself busy and sane?

As per a previous post of mine, I have kept a bit quiet on here over the last couple of weeks, purely due to the workload, which I am very grateful for, and the record-breaking weeks we have been having based on the level of new enquiries we have received.

So what have we been up to, and what are some examples of risks we have placed this month?

  • Multiple PI Excess Layers on a complicated ROI domiciled Main Contractor covering a 7 over 18 layer, 5 over 25 and 5 over 30, co-insured with various markets
  • PI for An insurance broker declined at renewal due to a historic BI claim which resurfaced from notification stage and led the holding market to decline
  • PI for A well established and respected Motor MGA, who was declined by the holding market due to ‘Income thresholds being exceeded.’
  • PI for A Manufacturer of screening and crushing systems for a new venture startup with a contract in Ohio in the USA
  • A forensic and risk engineer working overseas in the middle east and various locations, with some of his contract being with large named international insurance companies
  • CL & CAR for A formwork company which were unhappy with the service received by their current broker, cover was bound offering them a 60% savings against their holding market.
  • Primary and excess PI terms on a fire safety consultant working on some big named London tourist destinations, as well as public authority locations – which was declined by his holding insurer
  • Several recruitment agency firms which are finding it difficult to secure PI coverage due to the changes to the IR35 regulatory changes
  • Medmal for online consultant/prescriber, specialising in HRT & Bio-identity-HRT within 48 hours.
  • An XS layer for a Geo-technical engineer also involved in soil testing and site investigation for railways in the North East of the UK
  • Primary and XS terms for a Mech/Elec engineer specialising in the Water Industry in the Republic of Ireland
  • A commercial combined policy for a large clothing wholesaler throughout the UK, Europe, and Canada, unable to secure terms elsewhere, we turned around within 72 hours.
  • Products Liability for a new wholesale pharmacy distributing across the UK, Europe and Rest of the world, including USA/Canada

Stay safe, everyone, and have a great day and weekend. You know where Servca are when you need us!!