Happy Valentine's from Servca

Happy Valentine's to all, and we hope you have had a productive and busy week.

We have had an excellent week, and safe to say, we have been once again tested with the weird and wonderful by our producing brokers and clients.

Case 1:

Patrick' The Jack of all trades' Kelley AKA managed to secure a placement for an extremely distressed dentist. Over the past 10 years, the insured has accumulated circa £400K with claim pay-outs, resulting in disciplinary action from the GDC & being "non-indemnifiable" via the mutual groups out there. The insured was up the creek without a paddle. Fortunately, the insured got in contact with us, and I offered several solutions for him, not only being able to secure a policy & but also offering guidance to mitigate potential losses.

Case 2:

Ellie' The Powerhouse Medmal' Murphy received a risk for a cosmetic clinic with 48 hours to go until their renewal. The clinic had many employees, including Plastic Surgeons and Anaesthetists, and they were offering an extensive amount of treatments.

She managed to receive 3 different quotations the next day with differing premiums and differing amounts of coverage. The insureds current broker had not conducted a market exercise for his renewal, so he was pleased with the terms Ellie provided. With Ellie's advice, the insured instructed cover through her with the Insurer and quote best suited to the clinic's needs.

Case 3:

Macauley was able to obtain terms for a client struggling to place 'Right of light insurance' for a Residential refurb for a Vacant property in the heart of Kessington under construction. The previous broker appointed by the Solicitor was unable to provide terms. Servca was able to turnaround competitive terms listing all adjoining properties and parties.

Case 4:

Like the case above, Patrick handled a client who could not secure a policy with the mutuals due to an MPTS (medical practitioner tribunal) after serious allegations against the insured. The outcome of the tribunal resulted in heavy restrictions by the GMC & new employer. Again, I was able to offer the Servca service, not just be being able to secure a policy that will allow him to meet his contractual requirements & GMC restrictions but also give him the tools to better mitigate these circumstances from arising again.

Case 5:

Macauley was also approached yesterday morning by one of our producers on a Geotech and Soil specialist engineers. After carefully reviewing the insureds work, experience, and qualification in detail through a very detailed submission provided to Servca. The submission enabled us to present terms quickly and demonstrate to our underwriter the level of excellence the insured works towards and really show, how well he understands his day to day job and how highly qualified he and the other directors are.

This resulted in competitive terms being released to Servca within 2 hours of us receiving the submission on A rated paper; our broker was pleased with the service, and we were also very grateful from the support from the chosen market

Excellent week again team, if you are looking to work with a Lloyds broker who can add genuine value and additional solutions for you, please get in touch, and you will not be disappointed.