What a week it has been; like most of the market, there have certainly been interruption due to Corona Virus but has it stopped the Mighty Servca army??


Case 1:

Macauley was approached early in the week with a submission for a heavy engineering PI risk. We spent the first couple of days holding the broker's hand to complete a full high standard submission for the market. Sadly, the holding insurer had non-renewed.

The business was involved in the full Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical consulting services for a large Airport project in Ghana and prior projects in Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Within 48 hours, Servca provided formal terms on A-rated Lloyds paper split between 3 insurers on a co-insured basis.

Case 2:

Ellie received a submission for a gynaecologist early in the week. He had £450,000 worth of claims in 2019, and as a result, the current broker doubled his renewal, and the client received a reduced limit of cover.

Ellie provided terms within 24 hours, on a Rated paper, on an increased limit of indemnity on a reduced premium.

Case 3:

Macauley was approached by one of our producers on a risk that the current Lloyds broker advised they were struggling 48 hours before the renewal date.

The insured was a specialist and highly qualified rail signalling engineer who required PI terms, and he had held the cover for many years and run claim-free.

Within 12 hours, we provided firm competitive terms at expiring rates and received an order in less than an hour!!

Case 4

Servca was approached by an insured working on an offshore loch in Scotland on a Jetty being developed for the MOD dock.

The insured was undertaking the slinging and crane services, working at shallow depths and up to 20metres in height.

Servca provided firm competitive Public Liability terms within 24 hours to help the insured secure his role on the job.

Excellent week again team, these are only a handful of the weird and wonderful accounts we have seen and placed.

Thank you as always to our clients and underwriters.

Coronavirus who are ya????