Well, with half the team working from home from the start of last week and the remainder of us now working from home since Wednesday, it has been a strange week, to say the least!

But, I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to our team of directors and IT gurus for providing such an efficient process for our team to work so efficiently from home.

We would also like to thank our supporting brokers and underwriters for being such a pleasure to work with and, hopefully, despite the current circumstances, making this one of our busiest and highest income months!

We are very much open for new business, and to handle our existing client basis, here are a few of the wins we have had as follows:

Case 1:

Macauley received a submission for a large aggregator platform business, which provides property insurance products via a panel of insurers on their platform to their supporting brokers.

Servca has provided terms for all three requested business lines, including - PI, Cyber, and D&O, all on A rated paper, at very competitive premiums.

Case 2:

Ellie bound a risk this week for a Psychiatrist. This particular Doctor had aviation exposure as he was conducting psychiatric assessments on Pilots. Given the circumstances surrounding the German wings Flight in 2015 that led to the deaths of 150 people because the pilot was suicidal, our insurers were obviously concerned about the potentially huge exposure. Ellie was able to mitigate the risk and discuss risk management strategies with the insured. Terms were provided, and the risk was bound on Wednesday.

Case 3

Macauley received a submission early last week for an independent laboratory testing and consultancy business within the oil and gas production industry. Their Focus on scale and corrosion control, reservoir stimulation and modelling, chemical performance testing, and core flood testing. The business undertakes most of its services in the UAE and Saudi Arabia via subsidiary and recently set an office in the US. Terms were provided to our broker within 48 hours covering all territories and each subsidiary listed on our policy; terms were offered at a very competitive premium on an Oil & Gas wording via an A-rated and well-respected Syndicate Lloyd's of London.

Case 4

Patrick was approached this week and has been able to place two NHS practitioners "wrap around" coverage for their services, of course excluding the med-neg, as this is covered via the CNST. Of course, this coverage can be offered in addition to private practice, but as a standalone product, we are happy to accommodate those suffering from increasing premiums from the MDOs. More importantly, this is contractual coverage as opposed to discretionary coverage provided by the Mutuals. So if you are an individual looking for A listed insurance, please feel free to contact us.

Fantastic work, team, impressive week in very tough circumstances.

Please do let us know if we can help with your placements into the Lloyds and London market - we can promise you won't be disappointed.