Telemedical and Digital Health Services

Telemedicine Insurance for Tele-Medical Organisations & Digital Health Services

Telemedical and Digital Health organisations are at the forefront of medical innovations, particularly in the testing and tracing of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike standard (face to face) care provided, there are a host of other exposures that can lead to a medical malpractice claim.

Although telemedical policies can be covered for their activities via the entity policy route, your client is unlikely to receive the level of cover that is associated with telemedical or digital health exposures. Coverages such as technological errors and omissions and cyber liability (resulting in medical malpractice) are not commonly provided within standard entity policies, even though a basic medical malpractice policy can be structured.

Basics You Need to Request from the Insured:

1.       Completed Electronic Health proposal form.

2.       Business plan.

3.       Interfaces used for telemedical services i.e. telephone calls, video conferencing, chatbot, messenger services.

4.       The anticipated number of patient interactions per month.

5.       Territories where services will be rendered.

6.       Peer reviewing and quality control processes.

7.       Patient check and authenticity process.

You Will Need to Discuss with Your Client:

1.       The difference between an entity policy and tele-medical (eHealth) specific policy and the various exposures associated.

2.       How are the exposures can translate to a medical malpractice claim (technological E&O).

3.       Recruitment process.

4.       limit indemnity required and how it can be associated with international coverage.

5.       jurisdictional and territorial coverage aspects.

6.       risk mitigation system including peer review systems.

7.       the adaptability of an electronic health policy in comparison to a standard medical malpractice entity policy.

If you need to learn more about the differences between an electronic health policy and a medical malpractice entity policy why not get in touch with our expert team who can guide you through the process of collecting the key information and to demonstrate expertise within the sector.