Our Sectors - Wholesale Appetite


  • Anything from Builders to Nuclear Engineers and Oil & gas. Structural Engineers, Piling Contractors and the heavy trades.
  • Overseas income isn’t a problem.
  • Happy to review the distressed and vanilla risks.
  • Minimum premiums are circa GBP 3000 + IPT


  • Architects – primary and excess, covering Architects working on small dwellings, to high rise projects, heavy commercial.
  • Engineers – Structural, Basement, Piling, Geotech, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Power Stations, Consulting Engineers.
  • Overseas income isn’t a problem.
  • Happy to review the distressed and vanilla risks.
  • Minimum premium circa GBP 3000 + IPT


  • Currently our appetite on S&V is limited but happy to review


  • We can cover overseas income, review risks with high tax and entertainment exposure and distressed.

Media and Recruitment

  • We have markets who love this, but appreciate the main players – CFC/Hiscox/Markel are very competitive so we can’t always compete.
  • I prove to be useful on the high US or overseas exposure, distressed cases or higher end corporate accounts.
  • Always happy to review.

Excess Layers

  • Our markets love excess layers, I place layers for a number of our brokers, sitting up 2mil, 5mil or 10mil and we have the ability to place layers for limits up to 100’s of Million-line sizes


  • We love this area like everyone, with Construction and engineering being my biggest area of demand, it is always nice to see more of this.
  • We cover a number of quirky and high-risk firms, to give you an idea, we are the placing broker for the new company which have been established by the staff of Camebridge Analytica.
  • With their history it was probably by hardest ever placement but we do have the ability to place the weird and wonderful.


  • Asset Managers, Fintech, Investment managers, hedgefunds, financial brokers, FX trades etc.
  • Minimum premiums GBP 10K.
  • In addition to the above, I look after D&O for commercial trades, as well as FI and Fintech, Liability, CAR and Developments.